sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011


The video made me laugh. I think that if the advertising is funny, it will atract more people. I like that the company used a part of their name (Fog - foggy) in the advert. The name of the company could be easily remember by potential customers. The advert shows that the company product will help you in your troubles. It will make your life easier. I consider it as a good way. I like it. Well, the presentation gives an general informations about advertisement and companies and about the way how to be succesful. It shows the advertising of Optifog and the main words which are connected to the company and product. From statistics we can see that most people like the ad and we see the reasons why. It seems to me pretty brief... Maybe I expected more about the country it self or more examples, but it gives and example of Spanish advertising, so I guess it is ok.
Lucie Merunková

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